Saturday, October 14, 2017

The McIntyre Family!

A brand-new baby girl and some of the sweetest children I've ever met! I l o v e d my time with this gorgeous family!

McIntire2017Web-2 IMG_5087McIntire2017Web McIntire2017Web-9 IMG_5049McIntire2017BWWeb McIntire2017Web-8 IMG_4767McIntire2017BWWeb McIntire2017Web-7 IMG_5459McIntire2017Web McIntire2017Web-5 IMG_5057McIntire2017Web McIntire2017Web-4 IMG_5705McIntire2017BWWeb McIntire2017-8Web IMG_5371McIntire2017BWWeb McIntire2016Web-1 IMG_4717McIntire2017Web

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Buckner Family!

I've long admired this stunning family and their classy style and poise, so it was a total treat for me to do a mini session with them before their big move to Hawaii! (Luckies!) Thank you so much, Buckner family! We miss you already!

   IMG_1412Buckner2017WebBuckner2017-Web IMG_1428Buckner2017BWWeb Buckner2017-2Web IMG_1587Buckner2017Web IMG_1181Buckner2017Web IMG_1673Buckner2017BWWeb IMG_1428Buckner2017Web IMG_1854Buckner2017BWWeb

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Sweet baby Isla was a dream to photograph! Seriously, if I wasn't already baby hungry, I totally am now! Just look at this beauty!
IMG_0006IslaPalmer2017BWWeb IslaPalmer2017-Web1 IMG_0001IslaPalmer2017Web IMG_0097IslaPalmer2017Web IslaPalmer2017-Web2

Thursday, July 13, 2017


It would be impossible for this beautiful baby to be any cuter! Seriously, gah. So much fun for me! I love photographing babies who can sit up but can't crawl away from me. haha This little love was a complete angel!
IMG_9210Ellie2017Web Elly2017-2Web IMG_9254Ellie2017BWWeb Elly2017-1Web IMG_9233Ellie2017Web IMG_9210Ellie2017BWWeb IMG_9187Ellie2017Web IMG_9166Ellie2017Web Elly2017-3Web IMG_9168Ellie2017BWWeb

Friday, June 30, 2017


Bryce was such a good sport during our photoshoot and was pretty much up for anything, so we tried out a more urban look with his senior pictures. I loved how they turned out! Finding new locations is so fun for me. Thanks for such a great session, Bryce, and congrats on your graduation!
  IMG_2480Bryce2017WebBryce2017-1Web IMG_2418Bryce2017BWWeb Bryce2017-3Web IMG_2500Bryce2017BWWeb IMG_2727Bryce2017Web IMG_2418Bryce2017Web Bryce2017-2Web IMG_2487Bryce2017Web

Friday, June 16, 2017


I l o v e d working with Hannah! She was such a natural in front of the camera and such a delight to get to know. I seriously felt like I'd made a new friend by the end of the session! Congrats on graduating from high school and wishing you the brightest future, gorgeous girl!

 PS. The combination of her perfect red hair and curls had me swooning!
  Hannah2017Web-5IMG_1753HannahBW(2)WEB Hannah2017Web-4 IMG_0891Hannah2017Web Hannah2017Web-2WEB IMG_1753Hannah2017(2)Web Hannah2017Web-3 Hannah2017-1