Sunday, November 26, 2017

Kelly Family!

A beautiful family through and through to share with you!
IMG_3883Kelly2017BWWebIMG_2871Kelly2017Web Kelly2017Web-6 IMG_2731Kelly2017BWWeb Kelly2017Web-5 IMG_3116Kelly2017Web Kelly2017Web-3 IMG_2812Kelly2017Web Kelly2017Web-7 IMG_3814Kelly2017Web Kelly2017Web-2 IMG_2855Kelly2017Web Kelly2017Web-4 IMG_3883Kelly2017Web Kelly2017Web-1 IMG_2812Kelly2017BWWeb Kelly2017Web-8 IMG_2881Kelly2017Web

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I have gotten to take lots of senior guy pictures lately and I absolutely love it! Thanks for such a fun evening, Gavin! The camera loved you!
IMG_0486GavinHoskins2017WebGavinHoskins2017Web-1 IMG_0160GavinHoskins2017BWWeb GavinHoskins2017Web-2 IMG_0749GavinHoskins2017Web GavinHoskins2017Web-3 IMG_0486GavinHoskins2017BWWeb GavinHoskins2017Web-4 IMG_0417GavinHoskins2017BWWeb IMG_0160GavinHoskins2017Web GavinHoskins2017Web-5

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Mueller Family!

This stunning family picked the perfect day for pictures. I think this is the prettiest Fall I've seen here in WA since we moved up here over 10 years ago! Thank you for such a lovely evening, Mueller family! You guys were such a fun family to take pictures of!
IMG_9746Mueller2017-2WebMueller2017Web-1 IMG_9773Mueller2017BWWeb Mueller2017Web-4 IMG_9201Mueller2017Web Mueller2017Web-8 Mueller2017Web-6 IMG_9693Mueller2017Web Mueller2017Web-3 IMG_9597Mueller2017BWWeb Mueller2017Web-5 IMG_9470Mueller2017Web Mueller2017Web-9 IMG_8616Mueller2017BWWeb IMG_9864Mueller2017Web IMG_9880Mueller2017BWWeb "> Mueller2017Web-2

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Spangler Family!

This shoot was just plain fun! These guys came with so many ideas/props/inspiration, and we just ran with it. I especially loved all the musical instruments we incorporated. (What a talented group!) Add to that hot cocoa, glitter, and silly string, and it's obvious that this beautiful bunch knows how to party! I just love them!
IMG_6428Spangler2017WebIMG_5894Spangler2017Web Spangler2017Web-5 IMG_6769Spangler2017BWWeb IMG_6614Spangler2017Web IMG_6677Spangler2017Web IMG_6129Spangler2017BWWeb Spangler2017Web-3 IMG_6216Spangler2017Web IMG_6107Spangler2017Web Spangler2017Web-6 IMG_6872Spangler2017BWWeb Spangler2017Web-4 IMG_6843Spangler2017Web Spangler2017Web-2 IMG_6813Spangler2017BWWeb IMG_6663Spangler2017Web Spangler2017Web- IMG_6159Spangler2017Web