Friday, February 10, 2017

Majors Family!

SUCH a sweet and beautiful family, right here! They are so good to one another, and I caught on to that right away during our time together. Along with some family photos, it was fun to take some missionary pictures of Ben as he's leaving for CA in just a few days! Best wishes, Ben! I've always been so impressed by you and know you will do amazing things in the mission field!
IMG_0757Majors2017WebMajors2017Web-4 IMG_1356Majors2017BWWeb IMG_1505Majors2017Web IMG_0622Majors2017BWWeb Majors2017Web-3 Majors2017Web-2 IMG_1505Majors2017BWWeb Majors2016Web-1 IMG_1259Majors2017Web Majors2017Web-5 IMG_0851Majors2017BWWeb

Monday, January 30, 2017

Taylor Family!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the darling Taylor family. The kids were out-of-this-world cooperative with all their smiles... couple that with how incredibly gorgeous they all are, and I had myself one dream of a photoshoot! Love you guys!!

IMG_8809Taylor2017Web IMG_9249Taylor2017BW2WebTaylorWeb2017-3 IMG_8758Taylor2017BW2Web Taylor2017Web-2 IMG_9577Taylor2017Web Taylor2017Web-4 IMG_9335Taylor2017Web Taylor2017Web-1 IMG_9330Taylor2017BW2WEb IMG_9174Taylor2017Web IMG_8769Taylor2017Web IMG_8928Taylor2017Web IMG_8777Taylor2017Web Taylor2016Web-6 IMG_9080Taylor2017Web IMG_9089Taylor2017Web Taylor2017Web-5 IMG_8737Taylor2017Web IMG_8847Taylor2017Web

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bernard Family!

This family has the most gorgeous eyes! And it was so fun capturing this cute family indoors, especially since it's been incredibly freezing out lately. Hope you love your pictures as much as I do, Bernard family! You guys are too beautiful!
IMG_8116Bernard2016WebBernard2016Web-3Web IMG_7774Bernard2016BWWeb IMG_8165Bernard2016Web Bernard2016Web-7Web IMG_7401Bernard2016Web Bernard2016Web-2Web IMG_8674Bernard2016BWWeb IMG_7839Bernard2016Web IMG_8148Bernard2016BWWeb IMG_7369Bernard2016Web Bernard2016Web-1Web IMG_7765Bernard2016Web IMG_7461Bernard2016BWWeb Bernard2016Web-4Web IMG_7631Bernard2016Web IMG_7828Bernard2016BWWeb

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I'm so excited to finally share Ben's senior pictures here on the blog! I've always loved the name Benjamin and this Ben right here makes me love the name all the more. Such a wonderful, smart, handsome, good guy! Thanks for such a great session, Ben! I sure love how these pictures turned out!
BenJensen2016-5IMG_2319BenJensen2016BWWeb BenJensen2016Web-2 IMG_2851BenJensen2016Web BenJensen2016Web-4 IMG_2709BenJensen2016BWWeb BenJensen2016Web-5 IMG_2117BenJensen2016Web BenJensenWeb-3 IMG_1897BenJensen2016Web BenJensen2016Web-1